Open A New Account

Below you will find the documents that Worldwide Express uses to establish account numbers with UPS and/or Freight vendors. Account numbers usually come back in 2-3 business days and you will then receive a call from one of our sales representatives to provide you with further information.

All forms are required from the customer in order to obtain an account number. Please print out and fax the completed forms directly to our office at 877-322-5391.

* Service Order Form
The Service Order Form once completed gives Worldwide Express permission to obtain an account number from UPS and/or Freight vendors on the customer's behalf using the information provided. Please complete all of the contact information in the top portion and sign and date the bottom. A sales representative will contact you once the account number has been assigned.

* Commercial Application
The Commercial Application is also required in order to open an account with Worldwide Express. This form gives authorization to Worldwide Express to invoice your account per the requested type of payment. If "jeopardy billing" is selected, you will only be charged when and if the account becomes 30 days past due. Please contact our office or your sales representative for more information.

*Freight Claim Agreement
The Freight Claim Agreement form is required to set up a freight account with Worldwide Express. This form explains the requirements and procedures for reporting and filing a freight claim in the event that you have a damaged shipment.

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