Worldwide Express Buffalo

1 South Street, Ste 200
Buffalo, NY 14204
Phone: 724-940-2500
Fax: 724-940-2501
Cooper Ivan
Area Sales Manager
Contact Number: 330-903-0859
Ext. 219

Morgaine Houston
Strategic Account Manager
Contact Number: 716-998-8291
Ext. 215

Chris Newman
Account Executive
Contact Number: 716-844-1071

Ryan Eaton
FTL Team Lead
Contact Number: 412-627-9484
Ext. 222

John Miske
Account Executive
Contact Number: 716-954-3692

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Recent News

  • Worldwide Express is excited to welcome our new Account Executives Haley Sims and John Miske to our team!
  • We would like to welcome Abbie Statzer to our FTL team!
  • We're hiring!! Please check out our Careers section above for more information.
  • UPS Boosts Saturday Operations! Click here to learn more.
  • Does your company ship Full Truckloads? Check out our
    FTL service or call us today for a quote.
  • WWE is a proud sponsor of the JDRF One Walk and JDRF Pittsburgh Marathon Team!